We Don’t Run for the Hills When We Hear ‘Construction Finance’

By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director


In fact, we like the business so much we named a company after it: 4Syte Construction Finance.

Finding a financier that feels comfortable providing working capital finance for business can be tough going for a sub-contractor providing expertise and solutions to large contractors in the Construction sector. And it’s all based around the complexities of framework agreements or JCT Contracts. Let’s face it, most lenders run a mile when they hear the term “contractual risk”, and they don’t really want to take the time to understand the underlying risk or concerns.

However, with an understanding of the knowledge which combines contractual and financial risk, our finance professionals and quantity surveyors can provide a programme of working capital finance which can finance a typical sub-contractor to main contractor supply across many different disciplines, and, as a result, enables that business to grow and take on more projects in the comfort that each project can be financed successfully and independently. It’s just a matter of setting out agreeable parameters to fund applications and stage payments over the course of a project.

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