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Invoice Finance Reviews

This transaction explains why we are where we are as a business because it encapsulates all of the disciplines that 4Syte has built.

Multi-Finance Package

4Syte was asked to look at offering a multi-finance package of £750,000 to assist a well-established textile business to finance the purchase of a complimentary business, and to simultaneously refinance the target business’ working capital needs. 

The transaction required the know-how to understand and structure an arrangement involving different types of funding in order to finance a business acquisition. The 4Syte Team worked closely with the Client and Lawyers, and, as a result, was able to offer a package involving an invoice finance line through 4Syte Funding, a stock/trade line through 4Syte Trade, and a term property loan through 4Syte Structured Finance – all operating under the 4Syte Group.

As an Introducer, I was delighted with the speed and decisiveness of 4Syte’s approach and, what’s more, the Client couldn’t have been happier!

The Complete Package

4Syte was asked to look at offering a £200k facility for a Packaging Company that required a quick turnaround for an Invoice Finance line. The Business had been self-financing for a period, but had just picked up a big order with a large, well-rated customer which meant they would need immediate and ongoing funding against both the new and the existing invoicing. 4Syte was responsive and managed to turn the facility around within 5 days from introduction to completion, which enabled the Client to fulfil their first order with their new customer. One of our many positive Invoice Finance Reviews.

4Syte was delighted to assist, and it took less than two weeks from visiting the Client to sanctioning the deal and drawing down under the facility.

Quick Turnaround

Following a failure two years ago as a result of the demise of Carillion, the Client reformed and restructured, and over the ensuing period managed once again to build its customer base, quickly turning into profitability as it gained more contracts. Inevitably the business needed working capital finance to enable it to grow, but also wanted a financier that understood the nature of its contracts and provided flexibility in its approach.

The business is engaged in the construction sector providing access services to construction sites to a number of different contractors. The Client required a £350,000 facility and needed a flexible funding plan for different payment terms; advances being required on application for payment to the contractor, against payment certificates and after delivery of services. 4Syte was delighted to assist, and it took less than two weeks from visiting the client to sanctioning the deal and drawing down under the facility.

4Syte had been recommended to the Introducer by an associate and this was his first case with us. The responsiveness and experience of the 4Syte Team proved a great fit for the business and the feedback from both the Introducer and the Client has been excellent.

Helping Family Businesses

4Syte was asked to look at refinancing an existing Invoice Finance and Trade Finance facility for a well established family business based in Essex. The challenge was twofold: the first was that the business had been starved of cash by the previous financier, which led to cashflow problems and HMRC arrears. The second issue was that due to the HMRC arrears it was looking likely the business would need to enter a CVA.

Whilst a challenging deal, 4Syte took the time to understand the business and quickly identified that it was in fact a viable business with a robust order book. As a result, 4Syte provided £1.5M of facilities across both Trade and Invoice Finance in order to support the CVA and provide an ongoing source of finance to help turn the business around.

4Syte was able to provide a structured two-year interest-only facility to assist with our monthly cashflow. This was the perfect solution to our dilemma. Thank you 4Syte!

Supporting Start-Ups

4Syte Secured Finance lent £450,000 to a brand-new start-up fitness business. The Client provided a comprehensive business plan and forecast to 4Syte, along with a detailed CV evidencing their experience in their chosen field.

4Syte’s experienced Credit Team was comfortable with the business owner, the plans and the future of the new venture, and wanted to support them on their journey. Thanks to a 2nd charge offered on the Client’s property, we were able to provide a structured facility to assist the Client’s monthly cashflow from the outset, and we were comfortable with the business’ exit strategy after 2 years initial successful trading.

It was a game changer for the client and something which will tick all the boxes in assisting the client to reach its next levels of turnover and profitability.

Supporting Start-Ups

4Syte, through one of its employees, was given the opportunity to put together a £1.3m ABL funding package to assist an innovative and fast-growing business in its next stage of growth where its previous funder was reluctant. The package consisted of an overall funding limit split down between our products of Invoice Finance, Trade Finance, and a Revolving Stock Loan Facility.

The increased limits and the additional offering of the revolving stock loan allowed the client to benefit from additional cashflow via funding against stock held. It was a game changer for them and something which will tick all the boxes in assisting the client to reach its next levels of turnover and profitability. The client was extremely impressed with 4Syte’s approach and the seamless transition from their previous funder, not to mention the additional cashflow the business got access to.

New Deal

sme invoice finance

A £5M T/o Software Distributor was looking for a small Invoice Finance line to support its growth and to obtain discounts by paying its suppliers quicker. The Introducer came to 4Syte as they needed a commercially minded lender to put together a facility that could give the Client what they needed.

4Syte turned the deal around quickly and structured a facility that was both cost-effective and gave a significant cashflow injection, enabling the Client to get the full benefit of the trade discount and to facilitate further growth of the business.

New Deal

Construction Finance

4Syte Construction assisted a Fit-out company who was experiencing cashflow issues and needed a lender who understood their processes when applying for payment as part of an ongoing contract.

Whilst the business was contractual, the Client had robust systems and processes that 4Syte could adapt to fit our Construction Finance product and we were able to provide a £200,000 facility.

This not only gave them the confidence to tender for new work but gave them comfort that they had a lender onboard to support them with their continuing growth.

As testimony to the quality of service provided by 4Syte together with the short line to the decision makers, the Client introduced their sister company and now have the benefit of a group facility with 4Syte.


New Deal

4Syte Trade Finance

The deal was introduced to 4Syte by a well-respected introducer who’s client was in need of a commercial-minded Invoice Financier. The requirement was to fund a Temporary Recruitment business which also had an associated debtor on their books. Whilst ‘quirky’, the debtor was an established multimillion pound turnover business with a solid track record.

4Syte was able to look at the proposal with a commercial and proactive perspective, and was able to structure a facility which worked for all parties. The Introducer was confident from the outset that 4Syte had the experience and commerciality to review a deal ‘outside of the box’ and to deliver on the promise to be flexible and creative when required.

New Deal

structured business loans for SMEs

4Syte Structured Finance was approached by one of its trusted Introducers with an urgent secured loan enquiry. The proposed borrower had to re-finance an expensive business-related bridge debt which was only weeks away from expiring – leaving the Client’s property at risk. The Client was extremely worried about losing their house and came to 4Syte via their Broker knowing our rapid response to borrowers needs.

The business is a software development company that’s been trading for 2.5 years and they required £170k to re-finance the current lender. Understanding the Client’s situation, 4Syte credit approved the transaction the same day it was proposed, and the Client accepted the fair and attractive terms immediately.

From start to finish, 4Syte, with the assistance of the solicitors and the Introducer, was successful in completing the transaction in 10 working days and provided the Client a 3-year interest only facility – thus giving them the breathing space they required to allow them to focus on growing their business.

New Deal

sme invoice finance

4Syte was approached by a respected Accountant contact to fund their Client’s impending purchase of an additional company to sit alongside their existing one. The “target” company was an established family business offering complimentary services to that of the buyer’s existing business.

The conundrum was how to effectively structure the funding in order to facilitate the completion of the sale. 4Syte worked tirelessly around the clock alongside the buyer and seller, as well as with the Accountant and Lawyers, in order to come up with a solution whereby all parties were comfortable.

The sale successfully completed on-time and without problems, and the Accountant was delighted that 4Syte was able to structure a facility and deliver on the promise to their Client.

New Deal

Construction Finance

4Syte was introduced to a Steel Fabricator business that had recently undergone a restructure. The case was somewhat time sensitive and having been let down by their existing lenders, the client was in need of an urgent facility to cover their wage bill.

The 4Syte Team managed to get the facility in place within 36 hours from initial telephone introduction to pay-out – ensuring that staff wages were covered within the tight deadline. The client was impressed with our speed and decisiveness with the added advantage of an additional Trade Facility also being offered by the 4Syte Group.

New Deal

structured business loans for SMEs

4Syte Structured Finance was recently introduced to a trading Car Garage business. Last year, the company in question had taken on some expensive business debt that was not working well for them in terms of cashflow outlay being restrictive. The company was looking for a lender who could find the right solution for them to grow.

4Syte was quick to recognise the potential of this business and the associated story made sense to us. We placed a charge on one of the Directors’ residential properties and advanced them a loan spread over 10 years. The loan massively reduced the Client’s monthly outgoings and provided some additional working capital that was required to assist with their growth/expansion plans.

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