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Invoice Finance Reviews

Invoice Finance Reviews

A Multi-Finance Package

4Syte was recently asked to look at offering a multi-finance package of £750,000 to assist a well-established textile business to finance the purchase of a complimentary business, and to simultaneously refinance the target business’ working capital needs. The transaction required the know-how to understand and structure an arrangement involving different types of funding in order to finance a business acquisition. The 4Syte Team worked closely with the Client and Lawyers, and, as a result, was able to offer a package involving an invoice finance line through 4Syte Funding, a stock/trade line through 4Syte Trade, and a term property loan through 4Syte Structured Finance – all operating under the 4Syte Group.

This transaction explains why we are where we are as a business because it encapsulates all of the disciplines that 4Syte has built.

Group Customer

Invoice Finance Reviews

The Complete Package

4Syte was asked to look at offering a £200k facility for a Packaging Company that required a quick turnaround for an Invoice Finance line. The Business had been self-financing for a period, but had just picked up a big order with a large, well-rated customer which meant they would need immediate and ongoing funding against both the new and the existing invoicing. 4Syte was responsive and managed to turn the facility around within 5 days from introduction to completion, which enabled the Client to fulfil their first order with their new customer. One of our many positive Invoice Finance Reviews.

Invoice Finance Reviews

As an Introducer, I was delighted with the speed and decisiveness of 4Syte’s approach and, what’s more, the Client couldn’t have been happier!

Funding Introducer

Invoice Finance Reviews

Quick Turnaround

Following a failure two years ago as a result of the demise of Carillion, the Client reformed and restructured, and over the ensuing period managed once again to build its customer base, quickly turning into profitability as it gained more contracts. Inevitably the business needed working capital finance to enable it to grow, but also wanted a financier that understood the nature of its contracts and provided flexibility in its approach.

The business is engaged in the construction sector providing access services to construction sites to a number of different contractors. The Client required a £350,000 facility and needed a flexible funding plan for different payment terms; advances being required on application for payment to the contractor, against payment certificates and after delivery of services. 4Syte was delighted to assist, and it took less than two weeks from visiting the client to sanctioning the deal and drawing down under the facility.

Invoice Finance Reviews

4Syte was delighted to assist, and it took less than two weeks from visiting the Client to sanctioning the deal and drawing down under the facility.

Construction Customer

Invoice Finance Reviews

Helping Family Businesses

4Syte was asked to look at refinancing an existing Invoice Finance and Trade Finance facility for a well established family business based in Essex. The challenge was twofold: the first was that the business had been starved of cash by the previous financier, which led to cashflow problems and HMRC arrears. The second issue was that due to the HMRC arrears it was looking likely the business would need to enter a CVA.

Whilst a challenging deal, 4Syte took the time to understand the business and quickly identified that it was in fact a viable business with a robust order book. As a result, 4Syte provided £1.5M of facilities across both Trade and Invoice Finance in order to support the CVA and provide an ongoing source of finance to help turn the business around.

Invoice Finance Reviews

4Syte had been recommended to the Introducer by an associate and this was his first case with us. The responsiveness and experience of the 4Syte Team proved a great fit for the business and the feedback from both the Introducer and the Client has been excellent.

Trade Customer

Invoice Finance Reviews

Supporting Start-Ups

4Syte Structured Finance recently lent £450,000 to a brand-new start-up fitness business. The Client provided a comprehensive business plan and forecast to 4Syte, along with a detailed CV evidencing their experience in their chosen field.

4Syte’s experienced Credit Team was comfortable with the business owner, the plans and the future of the new venture, and wanted to support them on their journey. Thanks to a 2nd charge offered on the Client’s property, we were able to provide a structured facility to assist the Client’s monthly cashflow from the outset, and we were comfortable with the business’ exit strategy after 2 years initial successful trading.

Invoice Finance Reviews

4Syte was able to provide a structured two-year interest-only facility to assist with our monthly cashflow. This was the perfect solution to our dilemma. Thank you 4Syte!

Structured Finance Customer

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What Our Clients Say

  • What an absolute stark contrast 4Syte has been to our previous experience. In the short time our company has been with 4Syte you have been more help to us than in the past 20 years. Lorrain has also been an absolute godsend. Thank you so much for your help when needed rather than when it happens to suit you. Your flexibility makes life much easier for me.

  • “Thank you for doing a deal to support our business during the middle of a pandemic. Thank you for keeping a cool head in amongst all the fear and panic was pervasive during the lockdown.

    Six months on, this company has moved back into profit and continues to contribute to the wider UK economy with meaningful work. Despite the uncertainty, this business continues to do well.

    Without the support from 4Syte during that critical period, it would have been even more challenging to keep this business moving forward.

    You have the gratitude from me, my fellow director, my staff and their families.”

  • “Thank you for giving my company the opportunity to come on board with your company.

    I would like to commend Tony; he must be a great asset to your company. He went the extra mile and was very patient. The difference with Tony is he puts in a lot of time and effort, and most importantly he listened and understood how my business works unlike the other companies that I approached in the past. He simply looked at the bigger picture and saw that we had potential as a company beside the pitfalls that surrounded us, he believed in us as a company and I am so grateful that he has given us the opportunity to grow our business.”

  • “Thank you for your service over the last couple of days in getting our relationship started with 4Syte.

    It was looking pretty dim for a while, but it turns out there was a light at the end of the tunnel!”

  • “I really do appreciate how you support my business.

    I’m so happy that we came across to 4Syte. It gives us confidence in growing!”

  • “Collectively 4Syte offer something truly different from other lenders in the market!

    Their willingness to structure difficult deals and turn them around quickly is second to none, and I always have full confidence in them delivering on their promise.”

  • “I am delighted with the service that I have received from 4Syte over the past few years!

    You have helped me to grow my business and I am extremely grateful for your support.”

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