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Meet the 4Syte Team

Seasoned management team with decades of relevant experience in inventory, trade, construction and receivables financing, as well as secured lending
Meet The Team
4syte team Nick Sellars 4Syte

Nicholas Sellars A.C.I.B.

Group Managing Director

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Nick is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Group, including business operations and financial management. He is also responsible for developing the culture and ethics of the company, as well as creating and developing business opportunities.

He ensures the Group runs together smoothly by uniting each division through cross matching our skills and resources. Nick keeps the team focused and motivated which ensures our brand and culture remains consistent.

Nick is a co-founder of 4Syte with a background in banking, with expertise in corporate, international, and secured lending, risk analysis and capital markets.

Magnus Gundersen 4Syte

Magnus Gundersen

Group Chairman

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Magnus is responsible for managing the long-term strategy and funding of the Group. He deals with complex client relationships within the business and is a co-founder of 4Syte.

Magnus is seasoned in the world of investment banking and financial services, with extensive experience in deal execution and robust structuring having set up funds and tailored financial agreements in his past roles.

Paul Barker 4syte

Paul Barker

Managing Director | 4Syte Funding

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Paul is our Head of Origination across the Group. Alongside Nick, he is also responsible for business operational management and the direction of the business.

His key skills lie within origination, credit risk and operational management. Paul is an experienced Operations and Sales Director with a heavy focus on receivables lending, with a creative eye for complex deal structuring.

Sam Wilson 4Syte

Samantha Wilson

Regional Managing Director (North)

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Samantha is responsible for the 4Syte Yorkshire office and the Business Development Team in the North, as well as running 4Syte Construction Ltd.

Samantha is an experienced professional with an extensive and successful career in Banking and Financial services across all key areas.

Paul F 4Syte

Paul Fenton

Managing Director | 4Syte Structured Finance

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Paul is responsible for the management and direction of 4Syte Structured Finance including strategy, risk, product development and recoveries.

He has impressive knowledge in the secured lending market and is highly experienced in covering the vendor and broker sectors.

Sandra 4Syte

Sandra Blackledge

Group Finance Director

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As Group Finance Director Sandra is responsible for directing financial planning and strategy and reporting on financial performance.

She is extremely skilled in executive board and stakeholder strategy, maintaining corporate governance and business integrity, and securing the profitability, efficiency, and cash generation of large organisations as well as their associated investment portfolios.

Byron 4Syte

Byron Lawless ACCA


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Byron’s role within 4Syte includes assisting with the long-term strategy and funding of the Group. He is developing a dedicated SAAS working capital offering and assists with the origination, structuring and execution of ABL deals.

Byron is a seasoned banking and financial services professional having worked across several functions, in particular origination and debt structuring.

Natasha Souness 4Syte

Natasha Souness

Head of Operations

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Natasha is responsible for our credit and customer management. She is an underwriter of new facilities and oversees the operation and servicing of all invoice finance products across the Group.

Paul 4Syte

Paul Robinson

Head of Risk

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Paul’s responsibilities include delivering exceptional client service, maintaining client relationships, and effectively managing risk to prevent loss of income and reputation of our business. Paul also manages a team of Client Managers and Client Executives.

Paul has experience in invoice finance and ABL, specialising in both client risk and debtor risk.

Lorrain 4Syte

Lorrain Hogg

Operations Support Manager

✆ | 01245 377032

Tony Carter

Business Development Manager

✆ | 07388 230968

Eileene Hardy

Business Development Manager

✆ | 07880 330220

Chris Killer 4Syte

Chris Killer

Client Manager

✆ | 07432 300484

Matt Sellars 4Syte

Matt Sellars

Client Manager

✆ | 07496 274319

Luan Waite 4Syte

Luan Waite

Client Manager

✆ | 01245 377137

Maria Hill

Client Executive

✆ | 01245 377130

Kirsty Tappin

Client Executive

✆ | 01245 377136

Maxine Barnett 4Syte

Maxine Barnett

Client Executive

✆ | 01245 377143

Paula H 4Syte

Paula Halliday

Client Executive

✆ | 01245 377139

Sean 4Syte

Sean Kennedy

Client Executive

✆ | 01245 377158

Sharlene S 4Syte

Sharlene Smith

Accounts Assistant

✆ | 01245 377032

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