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How Structured Finance Can Re-Finance A Borrower’s Debts

If you have been looking at different ways to re-finance business debts, you may have come across the term ‘structured finance’ and wondered how it worked but struggled with all the jargon. With that in mind, we thought we would write some easy-to-follow guidance to show you just how 4Syte Structured Finance can re-finance a borrower’s debt and improve their cashflow position.

Structured Finance: What Is It?

An example is when a customer has existing debts and requires additional funding, but their cashflow situation means that they couldn’t afford potential new repayments. Standard banks and loan companies would simply decline that offer. As far as they are concerned it would be a risk to provide funding not being sure that they will get it back.

Structured finance looks at what assets a customer has that are not traditionally tradeable and converts them into viable financial packages.

Where structured finance differentiates from standard financial lending companies is that they also look at what debts a customer has.

When Would You Need Structured Finance?

It may not seem like it when you are struggling to pay them back, but that business debt, that amount of money, is of value.

If your current financial circumstances are making it almost impossible to find a way out and meet the minimum repayments, we know how the stress and worry can build up every month and it can feel like you are trapped in a vicious circle.

4Syte Structured Finance can help relieve that constant worry and working with us, we can arrange for you to pay one amount regularly, rather than trying to pay several debtors every time you get paid.

How Can 4Syte Help With Structured Finance?

At 4Syte we provide a structured financial package that specialises in providing business loans secured against commercial or residential properties.

Unlike other business loan providers, 4Syte will consider offering finance to any business in any industry, from new start-up ventures, to larger, more established companies.

The amount of funds available is from £26,000 to £500,000, depending on the structure of your business, circumstances and security available.

We are also flexible with the repayment options and will work with you to find the most affordable option so that we don’t contribute to any existing financial worries.

We offer three different types of structured finance loans: bridging, interest only facilities, and term loans.

The bridging loans are for a shorter period, between one and twelve months, there are no monthly payments just an agreed bullet payment at the end of the duration.

These are ideal for example, if you are waiting for a property sale to go through or payment from a client of a large outstanding invoice.

The interest only loans would be a suitable solution for a new start-up company who were waiting for a grant or other funding to come through but don’t want to hold up the running of their new business venture.

They would only have to pay the interest monthly and then the balance at the end of an agreed end point anywhere up to 5 years.

Term loans are suitable for businesses where a fixed repayment is agreed over a fixed term up to 10 years and allows the principal to be paid down as the facility progresses. 4Syte term loans are currently very popular for borrowers to refinance their current business debt on to a longer-term facility and reduce their monthly outgoings.

Get in Touch

If you would like some more information about any of the structured finance services that we offer, then please do get in touch.

You can call us on 01245 377032, contact us online, or alternatively you can request a call back. You can also download an indicative criteria form below which details all the relevant criteria.

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