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Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

4Syte Group


4Syte Ltd, 4Syte Funding Ltd, 4Syte Construction Finance Ltd, 4Syte ABL Ltd and 4Syte Trade Ltd (each or all referred to as Company or we), values its reputation and is committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in the conduct of its business affairs. The actions and conduct of the company’s staff as well as others acting on the company’s behalf are key to maintaining these standards.

The purpose of this document is to set out the company’s policy in relation to bribery and corruption.  The policy applies strictly to all employees, directors, agents, consultants, contractors and to any other people or bodies associated with the 4Syte Funding Limited, within all regions, areas and functions. 

Understanding and recognising bribery and corruption  

Acts of bribery or corruption are designed to influence an individual in the performance of their duty and incline them to act in a way that a reasonable person would consider to be dishonest in the circumstances. 

Bribery can be defined as offering, promising or giving a financial (or other) advantage to another person with the intention of inducing or rewarding that person to act or for having acted in a way which a reasonable person would consider improper in the circumstances.  Corruption is any form of abuse of entrusted power for private gain and may include, but is not limited to, bribery.

Bribes are not always a matter of handing over cash.  Gifts, hospitality and entertainment can be bribes if they are intended to influence a decision. 


The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011. Under that Act, bribery by individuals is punishable by up to ten years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. If the company is found to have taken part in the bribery or is found to lack adequate procedures to prevent bribery, it too could also face an unlimited fine.

A conviction for a bribery or corruption related offence would have severe reputational and/or financial consequences for the company. 

4Syte Funding Limited’s Policy

4Syte Funding Limited will not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. 

The company prohibits the offering, giving, solicitation or the acceptance of any bribe or corrupt inducement, whether in cash or in any other form:

  • to or fromany person or company wherever located, whether a public official or public body, or a private person or company;
  • by any individual employee, director, agent, consultant, contractor or other person or body acting on the company’s behalf; 
  • in order togain any commercial, contractual, or regulatory advantage for the company in any way which is unethical or to gain any personal advantage, pecuniary or otherwise, for the individual or anyone connected with the individual.

Key risk areas

Bribery can be a risk in many areas of the company. Below are the key areas you should be aware of in particular:

Excessive gifts, entertainment and hospitality:  can be used to exert improper influence on decision makers.  Gifts, entertainment and hospitality are acceptable provided they are of a reasonable and proportionate value. If you are unsure of what is a reasonable and proportionate value please check with your Managing Director prior to the offer or acceptance of any gifts, entertainment or hospitality.

Facilitation payments: are used by businesses or individuals to secure or expedite the performance of a routine or necessary action to which the payer has an entitlement as of right.  The company will not tolerate or excuse such payments being made.

Reciprocal agreements: or any other form of ‘quid pro quo’ are never acceptable unless they are legitimate business arrangements which are properly documented and approved by management.  Improper payments to obtain new business, retain existing business or secure any improper advantage should never be accepted or made.

Actions by third parties for which the firm may be held responsible: can include a range of people i.e. agents, contractors and consultants, acting on the company’s behalf.  Appropriate due diligence should be undertaken before a third party is engaged. Third parties should only be engaged where there is a clear business rationale for doing so, with an appropriate contract. Any payments to third parties should be properly authorised and recorded.

Record keepingcan be exploited to conceal bribes or corrupt practices. We must ensure that we have robust controls in place so that our records are accurate and transparent. 

Employee responsibility and how to raise a concern

The prevention, detection and reporting of bribery or corruption is the responsibility of all employees throughout the firm.  If you become aware or suspect that an activity or conduct which is proposed or has taken place is a bribe or corrupt, then you have a duty to report this to your Managing Director.

The company will investigate thoroughly any actual or suspected breach of this policy, or the spirit of this policy.  Employees found to be in breach of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action which may ultimately result in their dismissal. 

4Syte Secured Finance

  1. It is the policy of 4Syte Secured Finance Ltd (Company or we) to conduct all of its business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery and corruption.
  1. Bribery is offering, promising, giving or accepting any financial or other advantage, to induce the recipient or any other person to act improperly in the performance of their functions, or to reward them for acting improperly, or where the recipient would act improperly by accepting the advantage.
  1. An advantage includes money, gifts, loans, fees, hospitality, services, discounts, the award of a contract or anything else of value.
  1. A person acts improperly where they act illegally, unethically, or contrary to an expectation of good faith or impartiality, or where they abuse a position of trust. The improper acts may be in relation to any business or professional activities, public functions, acts in the course of employment, or other activities by or on behalf of any organisation of any kind.
  1. Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power or position for private gain.
  1. The Company prohibits the offering, giving, solicitation or the acceptance of any bribe, whether cash or other inducement, to or from any person or company, wherever they are situated, and regardless of whether they are a public official, private person or company by any member of staff, agent or other person or body acting on the Company’s behalf in order to gain any commercial, contractual or regulatory advantage for the Company in a way which is unethical or in order to gain any personal advantage, monetary or otherwise, for the individual or anyone connected with the individual. This prohibition applies in all cases, but specific examples include attempting to win business, keep business, or gain a business advantage for the Company.


  1. Likewise, we expect and rely on all and every person performing services for us or on our behalf (Associated Person) to:
    • to share our values and our approach to bribery and corruption and comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption including but not limited to the Bribery Act 2010 (Relevant Requirements);
    • have and shall maintain in place throughout the term of dealing with us its own policies and procedures, including adequate procedures under the Bribery Act 2010, to ensure compliance with the Relevant Requirements and will enforce them where appropriate;
    • promptly report to us any request or demand for any undue financial or other advantage of any kind received by the Associated Person in relation with the services provided to us or performed on our behalf;
    • immediately notify us (in writing) if a foreign public official becomes an officer or employee of the Associated Person  and the Associated Person warrants that it has no foreign public officials as officers or employees at the date of commencing to provide services to us or perform services on our behalf;
  1. Any and every Associated Person shall ensure that any person associated with it who is performing services in connection with services provided to us or performed on our behalf does so only by complying with stipulations (a) to (d) above mutatis mutandis (Relevant Terms). The Associated Person shall be responsible for the observance and performance by such persons of the Relevant Terms, and shall be directly liable to us for any breach by such persons of any of the Relevant Terms.