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Nick Sellars
7 4Syte on COVID19 Lockdown 2.0 Blog
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director Just when you thought we had exhausted every conversation about Covid and were all adapting to life with one hand tied behind our backs, then along comes a second surge and lockdown number two. As I write, we are a gnats’ toenail from coming out of lockdown and for...
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4syte on covid
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director It is August, we are another month down the line and starting to see some real recovery through the eyes of our clients. Turnover generated by our construction clients increased three-fold during July and we were able to take on good new business in that sector. From a very...
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Construction Finance and Covid
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director It is a brave person that mentions Construction, Construction Finance and Covid in the same sentence. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it! Despite being one of those sectors which was technically allowed to continue during lockdown, the reality was, by and large, they...
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4syte on COVID Forsight
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director In the second article we took a look at our business; how we reacted to the Covid crisis, what our slant was on managing the crisis and what we had started to do to help our clients fund their business through this. This time we will discuss how our...
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4Syte on covid 4Syte in Lockdown – Working with Covid
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director In March, there were millions of us suffering from the blow of being denied entry from our favourite hostelries, then sitting with baited-breath hearing Boris’s announcement on TV of total lockdown in the UK, to join our neighbours in the rest of Europe. So what does a business like...
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4syte covid introduction
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director There have been an infinite number of words said and spoken on the subject of the Coronavirus pandemic during the last few months. It has totally consumed our lives, not merely the disease itself but the ramifications and effects that have been brought upon us. We are going to...
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Brexit SME Invoice Finance
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director As if you hadn’t heard enough about Brexit, I’ve been asked to throw down a few lines about what I think are the possible consequences for SMEs as a result of Brexit. I’ve also been told that I shouldn’t be too political in my comments. This of course can...
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Funding for owner managed business
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director Forget the media propaganda suggesting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) cannot access the funding for owner managed businesses they need to finance their working capital. It may have been true a few years ago, but today it’s a fallacy. Whilst funding is abundant, you still need to know...
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Trade Finance Provider
A Trade Finance Provider who Provides Capital for the Entire Cycle? If that title doesn’t get the juices of intrigue running, then nothing will. It’s important to stress that 4Syte is here to provide a total solution for SME Financing, and sometimes that means extending the finance over the whole trading cycle. This is where...
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construction finance company
By Nick Sellars, Group Managing Director We don’t run for the hills when we hear ‘Construction Finance’ In fact, we like the business so much we named a company after it: 4Syte Construction Finance. Finding a construction finance provider that feels comfortable providing working capital finance for business can be tough going for a sub-contractor...
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